Rato BranKo was born in May 2011 in Rio de Janeiro, Brazil, for the exhibition “Cabelo apresenta Mc Fininho e Dj Barbante no Baile Funk (Gentil) Carioca” with music, paintings, installations, objects and videos made by the artist Cabelo. The exhibition was curated and produced by the artist Raul Mourão. At that time Rato BranKo worked as a producer/sound system and it had the mission to release Fininho’s disc and the exhibition with his work. On 06/04/11 the exhibition opened with a baile funk in the street. Since then a lot of things happened.

In January 2016 Mourão and Cabelo become neighbors in a building with their studios, the Lapa 71 which is located at Joaquim Silva Street in the bohemian neighbourhood of Lapa, in Rio. On March 3th, the Rato Branko was opened, this place can be defined as an experimental laboratory focused on the production of events, films,  music and art objects.

“It is a space of experimentation connected with our individual studios. A place to try new formats seeking to create connections to a larger audience. Acting on social media but also thinking about the location and the population of Lapa”, says Raul Mourão.

“Search dialogue with a non-specialist audience, the public on streets, the passer-by. Art-documentary, art news, art journalism are some concepts that are being worked on” says the artist Cabelo.